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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Brandon's Vitality Journal, entry #2

 Ok, I already added journal entry #1, now on to entry #2. Now, keep in mind that I don't write every day. I wrote in my journal the night before I went up one pill for him. By weight, he should be on 4 pills. Being the cautious mom that I am, I started him on one, waited, then moved to two. I have done that this whole time. This entry is the night before I started him on three pills, 6 weeks after putting him on two pills. I mentioned him eating more foods, some people don't know how incredibly picky he was. He ate bacon and bean tacos EVERY BREAKFAST, chili or peanut butter sandwich EVERY LUNCH, and chili or peanut butter sandwich EVERY SUPPER. Very monotonous, and worrisome as far as nutrients go.

Sept. 19. 2012...

B has been on Vitality for 2 months now, 6 weeks he has been on two pills a day. Tomorrow I'm starting him on three pills per day.

There have been a lot of changes this time. He had a few days of being difficult, as he always does before a big developmental jump. I decided not to go back to one pill, and let him get through and see what was on the other side. I'm glad I did, there was awesomeness on the other side!

1. He is trying more foods. He's eating apples, pancakes, french toast, hamburgers with pickles (never would eat either) , hot dogs, crunchy peanut butter, EGGS, lasagna, fish sticks, garlic bread, spaghetti, and LIKING it! He also tried, chicken nuggets, sun dried tomatoes, oranges, and broccoli. He didn't like those, but he tried. He is eating eggs every morning. It's awesome!

2. B is walking around the room aimlessly less and doing less self-talk. He is only walking with purpose now, and he still does the talking, but it's much less, and I can interrupt and he will give me his attention a lot of the time.

3. I'm having a much easier time getting him to do his schoolwork. He is getting much more work done, and understanding more. It's taking much less time to get him to understand a new concept than it did before. He's sitting for longer time periods.

4. He has been playing with Livvy and Tia. He has always played with them occasionally, but now it's daily, and multiple times a day. He is making up games, choreographing and putting on shows with them, and doing scavenger hunts with them.He is also playing upstairs in his room alone. He has never liked that. He will be up there for almost an hour sometimes, and I'll have to go check on him. He'll be up there putting a race track together, or playing something with his construction trucks.

5. He is more aware in general. He could be in the living room watching tv, and if I'm saying something in the kitchen, he will hear and chime in. He has never before cared about what I was saying to someone else! :)

6. He's more self-motivated. He gets up in the morning now and chooses his outfit for the day and puts it on, before even leaving his room. He is very aware of his hair, teeth, clothing, etc. Getting him ready to go somewhere is much, much easier.

7. He is losing weight. He is wearing shirts that he couldn't wear 6 months ago. Clothes that I was going to give away are fitting him.People are now noticing and asking me if he's lost weight. His fat to muscle ratio is changing. He is getting stronger, and has more endurance. His energy level has increased and he has much more stamina. His arms are swinging correctly when he walks.


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