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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New year, exciting changes

So, it's been roughly a year and a half since my last blog post, can we say flake? Really, there have been many changes, and to be honest, making a blog post didn't rank up in my list of priorities. :)

So, where to begin again? I'm going to start putting my journal entries in here about a new supplement that my son is taking. I have several friends asking about it, and this is easier than writing the same thing 50 times. Plus, more people can read it and more children can get it. It's called Vitality. I started taking it myself a little over 2 years ago. I have a few reviews on it from back then somewhere in here. I started B on Vitality on July 21, 2012.  I'll let the journal pick up from here...

Aug. 3rd, 2012...
B has been on Vitality for 2 weeks now, and there have been great changes. I will be taking him from 1 pill to 2 tomorrow, so this will be my record of changes with one pill. First, I noticed a change in eye contact. He is looking at me when I speak to him without me having to tell him to, or having to touch his chin. It's completely voluntary. Not 100 %, but sooo much more than before. One day, while talking with mama, he sat down with us and joined in. I was really surprised by that. A few minutes after he sat down, mama said "watch his eyes when we talk." I did. He was watching us when we spoke. His eyes were moving from one person to the other. He was actually paying attention and following the conversation. He also was jumping in and talking with us. I didn't realize that he had never done that before until then!
I asked Jason (my brother) for a list of what he has noticed, since he isn't with him all day every day. He said more eye contact, & more 2 way conversation voluntarily. He also noticed B following a conversation with his eyes.
This is very promising. I'm looking forward to starting him on 2 per day and see what happens.


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